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We sped along the dark highway putting our gear together and strapping it on.  From the gauntlets for Matt, today we were going with drills, we may need to break through a few walls; to Sledges camo suit, which could match any pattern in any wall to any color; to my gloves,  katar on the right hand for quick dispatches, high powered spinning glaive for defending against smaller bullets.  This was going to be a long operation. 

Sledge was to free climb all the way to the top of a twelve story building, she had been practicing climbing for the last four months, while I snuck in through the back door, which was ungarded because Matt was causing a commotion at the front.  My irritation melted away as the job began.  I found the back door and found the winding staircase,  I hoped earnestly that no one decided to use them and started climbing.  After a while a door I had just past flew out of its doorway,  I spun around,  letting my weapons free in the process, only to see Matt’s drills spinning down.

“What the?  Oh never mind let’s take the elevator,”  I walked confidently up to the elevator,  if anyone was alive, they would have attacked by now.  As we waited for the elevator suddenly my head felt really light, then it all went black, and I felt Matt fall over on me, ow. 

I woke to find my self in what looked like a cross between a padded room, and an interrogation room;  tied to the others. 

“Wha-what’s going on?”  I asked sheepishly, I wasn’t exactly worried about being heard,  there was no one in the room.

“They were waiting for us, they got us, it’s over,”  Sledge explained pessimistically.

“Don’t say that, Mr. Calloway always has a plan,”  I told her, though I wasn’t sure I believed it myself. 

“Yea, he always does.”  I tried to wriggle my blades free; I knew they were still there, I could feel the weight.  I remembered I was tied to my friends and decided it would be to much of a risk as I might set of the glaive and slice they’re hands of.

I suggested that we find something to talk about while we searched for an escape plan.  Sledge perked up immediately.

“Well how about we talk about school?”  She rattled on about exams and boys and other girl stuff while Matt and I pretended to care.

Matt came next, talking about all the sports he could be in now that the plume didn’t restrict us.  I listened and realized how far apart our worlds were.  I talked next, and I told them everything, about Sarah, about the voice, the dark pleasure that overtook me at times. They were stunned that I could do so much and them never hear about it. 

“So Calloway has a hot daughter?”  My ears pricked up and I instinctively leaned into an attack position, which basically just completely knocked the other two over.

“Yea, she’s fine,”  It hurt to think of her, especially in that light.

Suddenly Sledge motioned for silence, and it only took a moment to notice what she noticed.  There hadn’t been a single gaurd since we started talking. I dismissed it as a shift change at first, but eight minutes with ungaurded hostages was unproffesional, definitely not something the Plume would do.  We slowly began to inch towards the door, to listen for breathing on the other side.

As we approached the door together, we heard a clang, turned to see what it was.   There, wearing a grey outfit that seemed to be made of one piece of fabric, was a man, who seemed to have climbed out of an air vent,  with a pistol in each hand, and fully extended katars protruding from the wrists.  The three of us exchanged looks, and as we finally decided we weren’t insane, we opened our mouths to speak.

“Silence.” But the sound didn’t come from our mouths.  Immediately millions of questions flooded my mind, from the most proffesional “how do you use guns and katars?” to the most mundane “who the hell are you and why the hell must we be ‘Silent’?” Sensing my questions he opened his mouth again.

“I will explain everything, just follow me for now,”  his mouth barely moved, as if he was afraid the way his lips hit each other would give his identity away.  We obeyed as he cut our ropes, and we quickly followed him out the window, and into the black night.  Climbing down the fire escape made me nervous, not from the heights but of the noise, however our masked figure didn’t seem to mind the fact that there could be gaurds at every window we passed.

When we reached the bottom the strangest thing happened,  you probably won’t believe me.   He turned around, took off his mask and said:

“I killed Sarah Calloway.”

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