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Saturday, November 18, 2009.
I crept along the bordering of the high hallway, whoever built a hallway this high was just asking for somebody like me to kill them,  and the bodering on the sides that hung halfway down?  That just made it too easy.  I watched as the attention deficit gaurd clunked his gun on the wall clumsily.  Thunk, 1, 2, Thunk, 1, 2.  I counted out the steps to the door and the ones he would take in the time it would take me to get there. Twenty-two,  twenty-three,  his thirty-four, his thirty-five.  I hesitated for a second then waited for the rhythm to come back to me.  1, drop on 2, and THUNK, slightly louder but the gaurd never heard it. Probably thought he hit a windowsill or something.

Suddenly my earpiece crackled to life. “You ready yet, we have the escape ready on the ground floor, you should be fine, if you land it right,”  I heard Sledge say.  I thunked the earpiece softly three times to signal I was entering the room at the moment, then clenched my middle finger, triggering the katar hidden in the glove, started to pull out the extra three blades hidden in that one but decided it would be better to have a generic wound. 

I sauntered quietly towards the sleeping target, who literally lived in his office. 

“You don’t want to kill him, your boss is insane,”  The in my head said.  Damn, it had been almost four months since that had bothered me, and I figured it was over.

“I am not leaving you alone now, not since you became soo, hmm, whats the word, interesting?”  It said as if it thought flattery would get on my good side.  It didn’t.

“Leave me alone,”  I thought flatly, if that is even possible.  I quickly sneaked up to the target, plunged the blade through his throat, and picked him up and strapped him to my back.  As I relaxed the muscles in my hand, retracting the blade, I walked silently to the window, and looked down.  The target wasn’t as heavy as he looked and I could see the garbage truck from here.  It was an easy drop, only one story, and with my dark clothing at this time of night no one would see me.  I opened the window and fell silently and seamlessly into the filth below, they don’t pay me enough.

“Now, we will just be taking this, and I will get off without you now,”  I said, taking the CD from his jacket pocket, and sliding out of the truck.

“Done where you at?”  I asked calmy.

“Around the corner, black sports car, getaways are so much more fun when they are paid for!”  Sledges voice crackled through the earpiece, elated that I was okay.

“Yea, I will be there in a few.”  I made sure my hands were not shaking, because the last thing I needed was for some guy to tell the police that a kid had blades sticking out of his hand.  Then I headed off.  I saw the car as I turned around the corner then told myself to confidently get in.  I put a smile on as I crossed the road, jerked the car door open, and slammed it down like I was having the time of my life. 

So yea,  we’ve been working for Mr. Calloway for almost four months now, and We have learned a lot.  Through interrogated targets, and “obtained” information,  we have learned that he was head of a local branch of a secret organization called the Midnight Plume.  The winged shield was not really his symbol, it was the organization’s.  They had formed ages ago, no one remembered exactly when but from the traditions held up in the higher ranks, it was considered to be from the eighteen-hundreds.  Then there was sort of what seemed like a dating sight going on; putting people with mates that would make offspring suitable for the trade.  It was sickening.

“What you thinking about?”  Sledge’s voice broke the recounting of information.

“Nothing really, just about how easily we were tricked by the Plume,”  I lied, letting her now about the fact I was worried about my mom and dad not meeting by chance as they thought would make me seem soft.

“Oh, ok.”   Is she all right?  I dismissed the thought, And we rode in silence the rest of the way home.  When I got home, It was two in the morning, I had left late at night and my parents hadn’t seen me, perfect conditions to tell my mother all about it.  I slipped into my bedroom and let the darkness of sleep over take me. 

The next thing I knew I was staring at Sarah,  who, in turn, was staring right at me.  I opened my mouth to speak but it wasn’t my voice, it was the voice from my head.

“You look absolutely adorable tonight,”  He said, like he was taunting, I had grown to like his, err its decision to push me with her until I realized what if this was one of their dating-breeding tricks?  I had never known how Mom and Dad met, so there was no telling how young they would try this.  I pushed the thought aside for the moment.

“What the hell are you doing?”  I snarled at the voice in my mind, wow every second I think I get a little bit crazier.

“Just hang back and let me handle this,” he/it was talking like he/it was my friend and I hated it.  I focus all my mind on shutting it out and suddenly the voice sounded as if it were struggling, had I gained some control of it?  I suddenly looked at Sarah, who wasn’t Sarah anymore, and was charging at me.  I instictively clenched my fist and the katar shot out even though I wasn’t wearing the glove.  I Clenched the ring finger of the other and the glaive shot out and whirred to life, perfect for deflecting any attack from his, holy crap where did that come from?  he was holding a katana like he was ready to kill me.  He definetly had the advantage of reach over me so tried to go in close and he expelled me.  I tried to deflect and he faked me out.  I wasn’t use to this kind of thing,  I was a silent killer, and I knew I was getting my butt kicked.

Just as he was about to land the final blow I shot up out of bad and noticed the sunlight streaming in through the window.  I got ready for school,  and I was stoked, we had thanksgiving break next week, and it was Friday.  Needless to say the school was in chaos.  The kids were all ready to get out; and some of them really tried to make a break for it, literally.  I through the day I glanced looks at my friends, I hadn’t noticed them over the four months I had been with Sarah, but they obviously noticed me, they were looking at me like they hated me, like wanted to kill me, huh, funny.  As the day went on, it got gradually more and more chaotic leading up to Sarah and I deciding we were going to see a movie.

“Hey that movie we talked about comes out tonight, and my aunt is taking us do you want to come?”  Sarah asked in the sweetly seducing tone only she could manage.

“Yea, sure.”  How could I say no?  What was I going to do if they called me, I wasn’t the leader of the operations with the new job, that was Mr. Calloway.  I had no control over when and what we would do.  Luckily, they never called I got ready to meet Sarah at the movies and relaxed, for once I almost felt normal.  No blades sticking out of my hands, no instinctive clenching practice, no looking for every way out, I felt like, like I belonged.  No a killer never belongs, because he is never the same person long enough to belong, he must have so many different names that there is no way for him to belong, this has to stop, this dangerous dating game is just dragging me broken.  But at the same time, I liked Sarah, I couldn’t just give up on her.  I had to find a medum, fast.

An hour later we were standing in line, Sarah and I had split with her Aunt and friend,  We would get the the tickets, them the food. 

She looked at me and smiled, “So we lost them for a while, how easy could you help us disappear?” She asked playfully, she reached up and kissed me.  It wasn’t the first time we had kissed, and I didn’t want it to be the last.

“We aren’t here to lose them, I just want to be with you.”   I kissed her back, pulling her closer. 

“Yea, but wouldn’t it be weird if we started making out in front of my Aunt?”  She seemed pleased with herself, but not enough to give up entirely.

“Hey it’s almost our turn can we focus on something else?”  I asked hesitantly.

“Yea, It would be weird to suddenly look up and be on the ticket counter,”  She laughed, and it brought a smile to my face, less and less was I smiling lately, or even showing any emotion at all, even towards Sarah, I had dealt with the darkness, and was losing myself in its power.  We bought our tickets and took our snacks from her aunt.

“You two look so cute together, almost like it wasn’t an accident you met.”  Yea, that helps my confidence.  I stepped into the theater and we took our seats.  I talked to Sarah, and when the movie came on I didn’t really watch it, just thought, I still hadn’t swapped into instinctive killer mode, so apparently I was safe, I usually moved into defensive position right before danger strikes. 

“Hey, you watching this?”  Sarah’s voice came through the darkness. 

I leaned over and kissed her softly, “Not really, you are so much more fun to watch.”  Yea, good save there.

“Ok now, lets try to keep it PG here.”  Sarah’s friend was the most annoying person I had ever met.  She was like Mark on Lily with me thrown in.

“Yea, yea, just leave us alone,” I said flatly.  I was sick of people intruding on me all the time.  Sarah enveloped me and kissed me, telling me not to worry about it, but I didn’t hear her, at the time, I was a million miles away.  I woke from the trance as the credits were rolling, and I walked with Sarah.  She looked distraught, like something was wrong, but I figured I was just paranoid.

“Hey can we talk?”  She asked me,  my heart elated and deflated all at the same time.

“Yea, what’s wrong?”  I asked her trying not to conceal to much without wanting to let to much out.

“I don’t think we are working out,”  I wanted to breath a sigh of relief and cry at the same time when she said that.

“So, you’re breaking up with me?”

“Yea, but hey you are a great guy somebody else out there will care just as much as I have about you.”  She smiled and my phone rang.  Damn.

“Hello?”  I asked tentatively while she told me they would still take me home,  I told her I could make it myself, probably sounded like an A-hole.

“We are behind the theater come now.  We are assaulting a Plume building we don’t have time for you to play lover with my daughter,” His voice was urgent, and his breathing erratic as he hung up.  I hurried around the theater,  found our ride and climbed in. As we sped of into the dark I strapped on gear, I was ready to bash some skulls tonight.


  1. Hehe, He’s starting to sound crazy now. It’s ok Felix… other people hear voices too… err… wait… nevermind. Well, they broke up… Somewhat expected. It wouldn’t have worked out well for her. I kinda don’t like the fact that four months are “unaccounted” for, because they are, but it just seems like there should have been more… More history etc. etc. Toodles!

  2. just like a girl. kiss and leave.

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