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I had no idea where the voice had come from, but i knew it wasn’t my own. It almost sounded menacing, as if it were threatening me. Was I going crazy? Was this some kind of way that people with disturbing hobbies or job coped with stress? Was I going CRAZY?!?!

“Your not insane, Felix.” Oh wonderful, it was talking directly at me know. Suddenly I realized I only had about three minutes with Sarah, and oh the more interesting fact, she had probably been watching me argue with myself for the past few minutes.

“Say something or she is going to doubt her decision to ask you out,” The voice added in a low coercing tone, as if he (errr… It?) wanted her more than I did.

“Sorry about that, I was spacing out for a moment,” I said rather matter-of-factly.

“It’s okay, your kind of cute when you stare off into space.” I wonder if that was supposed to be a complement, an insult, or a joke.

“Yeah, hey, you got a phone number or something?”  She pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and quickly scrawled out a number as the bell rang.

“Thanks,  see you later,”  I said as I rushed off to History,

About halfway through the history class, I was enjoying the voice quite a bit.  I had gone through half the class,  using his/her/its help to answer every question the teacher threw at the class before anyone else had even thought of raising they’re hand.

“In what year did the conquistadors take over the Aztec empire?”

My hand shot up as the answer took shape in my mind, “In the year 1520 Cortes managed to defeat the powerful Aztecs, due to their weakening to the diseases and outbreaks caused by the new species released into the area.”  Wow I didn’t even know any of that. 

“Good job Mister Silvestri, some of you can learn from this astounding example,”   She said it like she was surprised, I didn’t blame her.

The rest of the day went by in the same manner, answering questions then listening to the “What the heck?” and “How did he do that?”  and my personal favorite “Cheater.”  I was getting use to the attention until I got a message,  “Come to the clearing in the woods that we picked u up the first time when you get out of school, kk?”  I understood what it meant, another last minute job.  The day basically went by silently from then on, no more than quick little questions about Sarah.  I didn’t even have the willpower to use my newfound intelligence, or whatever it was, for my own gain,  I was spent, and I was going to pay for it after school.

The car opened up and, thank goodness for mom picking me up, I was able to run straight into the back yard.  I arrived to see the whole team waiting next to a SUV waiting to carry us away. 

“What the hell is going on here?”  I asked impatiently.

“We are just going on some recon work,”  Sledge said as if that made it better, which it slightly did, recon didn’t involve fighting, necessarily.  We cooped up in the Suv to be taken to some building where we would watch people walk around looking for somebody.   That was the plan until…

“So why were you so agitated before?”  Sledge asked as we pulled out onto a road, as I looked ahead I saw the familiar drop off and bridge. 

“Just a long day at school.”  I knew I had the field trip ahead of me tomorrow and probably shouldn’t worry about the job until I had to.  So I would turn my attention to Matt,  who never talks if you haven’t figured that out,  and Sledge, the one that cares about our well-being. 

“Well don’t worry about…  Oh my god…”   I didn’t know what she was freaking out about until I looked up and saw the helicopter, which would have been a normal occurence, if it weren’t for the missile launcher that someone was pointing at us,  and they didn’t look to friendly.  I saw the fire ignite, and the missile accalarate, and the bridge in front of us collapse.  In the havoc all three of us, poor driver, had gotten ready to jump.  Just as the vehicle went over drop, out came three kids, plummetting to their doom at the river below, wait river? 

“Yes that is the only way.  Have your team dive. Now!”  Great, perfect time for that damn voice to come back.  I screamed at the guys to go into dive formation, and looked back up at the heli.  On the side I saw the emblem, that accursed emblem I had seen on every piece of equipment the people that worked for the president had ever given us, every piece of gear, even the papers we had signed at that meeting two years ago. 

The words of Sarah’s dad flashed into my head, “Son, the President is not who you think he is.  He is not your friend, he isn’t good; the people he has you kill are not evil. They are innocents who try to take him out.”   I looked back to what was going on only to see a wall of water coming at us at a speed nearing terminal velocity,  I had no idea where that came fr-


I knew I had been out a while when I heard the guys calling at me.

“Hey Felix wake up already!”  I heard Sledge say before finally sitting up.  Getting rammed into a wall of water after a 10 feet drop, when unexpectedly distracted, can be painful.  I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my back.

I looked up at the sun starting to set and registered the time as around six or so before realizing that there was another person here.  It was Mr. Calloway, again! 

“Why is he here?”  I asked in a flat dark tone.

He saved us, Felix,” Sledge stated rather matter of factly.  “He says that the president tried to kill us.  And we believe him, do You?”

I recalled the emblem, “Yea, I do.” 

“That was quite a fall you three took back there.  I see your leader here has woken up.  How you feeling, Son?”  He said it like he was my parent.   I obviously had a problem with authority recently so this didn’t make me to happy.

“Names Felix,  and I am FINE, thank you very much,”  I said warning him to back off.

“Hey, know, no need to get offensive, when you guys feel up to it I want to make a proprosal.”  Like we needed his help,  Though we probably did.

“Don’t trust him,” The voice said, and suddenly I trusted him a whole lot more then three seconds before.

“Okay guys what do you think?”  I asked gesturing towards Sledge,  knowing she would answer better than Matt.

“I think we should here him out,”  she said, and I immediately did.  He wanted us to help him take out the president, and that was already sounding like a good plan of action, though he said we would need more training, mostly to make us more battle-worthy.  We would join his resistance force to fight the president and his goons and save the people he was planning on killing, whoever they may be.  He already had several others like us;  assassins betrayed by the employer, and showed us these awesome looking pictures of the new gear we would be receiving, custom made to help us carry out our specialties in covert, and not so covert, ops:  Matt with various weapons attached to gauntlets on his hands: drills, blades, even a gun or two;  Sledge wearing a full body suit that was changing patterns to blend into the surroundings; and then me, oh boy did I look freaking intimidating.  I had these gloves on, that looked almost like a second skin, then in the next few pictures it show me having claws, punching daggers, and even a three bladed glaive busting out over the back of my hand, obviously to help in hand to hand combat.

“But what will all of this do for us?” I asked tentatively, I knew there had to be a catch.

“Nothing, we just figure that him attacking you would provacation enough to fight back, I am sure he will come for you family,”  He said, and he had me hooked.

“Oh, and I could help you make your relationship with my daughter easier.”  Yep, I was working with this guy.

“Ok, we are in, how will we know where to go, or when you need us?”  I asked earnestly, I couldn’t wait to try out that gear.

“Just come to that clearing after school each day, and I will pick you up every day but Wednesday and Thursday.”

“That we can do.”  He shook our hands as if to close the deal, and loaded us into a little exotic car and drove us toward home. 

I was the last one out, of course, and he looked at me and said,  “She likes guys who make her feel safe, and who can make her feel like they care.”  He smiled at me and waved as I walked toward my house.


The next morning I got ready for the field trip, the normal morning went by until I got to school and the buses to take us on the trip were waiting.  I smiled as I found Sarah out of the crowd and took her by the hand.

“Hey there,”  I said.  It felt like the most done before greeting I had ever used.

“Hiya, how you been?” She said,  it made me smile, which in turn, made her smile.  She began to grin ear to ear at me.

“Hey, what does your dad do for a living?”  I asked.  Hey gotta find out what he tells them, if he keeps it a secret right?

“Oh, he’s a lawyer why do you asked?”

I smirked, “Oh nothing really just curiosity.”  And we stepped into the bus.  I was going to enjoy the darker side I had found,  and definitely the new work I would be doing.

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  1. Hey! He’s not the only one who talks to himself… nevermind, hehe. I’m not quite that crazy, though I do entertain myself quite a bit. Uh… Anyway, back to the story! You are improving your grammar etc. Time and practice help that out. The page break… things… are kind of cool. They help transition different times and settings, it’s much less jumbled than I felt reading before.

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