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As we stepped outside into the dusk,  I realized there was no way it was dusk.  I had to recount to myself to realize what time it could be.  I had gotten home at 3:45 and talked to the girls.  That took up about fifteen minutes.  Then the President called and I waited a half-hour to get to a copter.  We landed a half-hour later, and took almost two hours to catch him and then the fight took place and lasted almost 10 minutes.  So that should make it almost 7:10, and I hadn’t even started on any homework.  Not that I could do any anyway after fighting my girlfriends dad.

“What’s on your mind, Mister Fearless Leader?”  asked Sledge in a rather facetious voice. Why is my face so easy to read?

“Sick of these jobs. Speaking of them, there what is our ride?”  I asked trying to change the subject.

“We are getting off at some bus station and taking buses home,”  She said it as if that made it seem any better. 

“Buses?  Assassins with short temper in a very small place?  Are you sure about that?”  I asked, hoping i could attract attention farther away from the whole losing-the-target thing.

“Well the only one of us I am worried about is Matt.”  As if on cue, Matt began to carve M’s on a cardboard box rather violently, then began to throw rocks at the most banged up cars he could find.  Of course then he had to get rid of the M’ed box as to erase evidence.

“Hmm, maybe we should keep him away from places with lots of people,”  She said rather flatly.  As the minivan appeared to take us to the bus station I realized I wouldn’t be home until nearly ten o’clock.  I really hope Mom had a good excuse to give dad.

When I got home nobody was up, so I finished homework and went to sleep.  When I got up I went downstairs and prepared for the examining of every facial expression that was sure to come from Dad.  As I did my best to avoid giving away my secret I learned that my mom had told Father that I was at a party, which she had approved and thought she had told him about.  Nice excuse because I could just say that he wouldn’t care about most of it.

After the grilling, it was time to leave for school, and I wasn’t as early this morning.  I was happy to see that a few of the teachers were not there yet which meant I wasn’t late either.  By the time I was in the classroom for Computer, the bell was already ringing.

“Have you thought about what you are going to say to her yet?”  Abigails voice startled me, oddly it seemed almost, I don’t know, sad maybe?

“Yea I am thinking yes,”  I told her earnestly,  and her expression seemed to change from sad to worse,  I refuse to try to understand some girls.

“Oh, ok.”  And that was all I heard from her for the rest of the day.  I basically half slept, half thought about Sarah through the first three periods, so I will spare you the details and skip to break.

The sun outside was shining but it wasn’t helping the fact that it was freezing in the middle of September.  I saw the group that I hung out with, and the group that Sarah called her friends and realized something, there would be no way to give them both enough attention, I was going to have to either abandon my friends for a while and hope for the best, or give up on Sarah.

“Whats on your mind, Felix?”  the question came from a familiar voice and, had the circumstances been different, I would have noticed it was Jo-Jo. 

“Oh nothing, just marveling at the wonders of teenage society,”  I answered back glancing at Lil and Mark wanting to be happy for them, but not finding enough happy to share.

“Oh, still unsure of what to decide?”  She asked, so inquisitive, these girls can be.

“Not really, I know I am going to say yes in the end, just part of me doesn’t want me to,”  I answered, wondering if I sounded like a smart-ass.

“Oh, well i guess they are going to get the wrong idea if we stand here alone all day,”  she said gesturing over to the group, our group, my friends, the ones who looked at me lovingly, caringly, and welcomed me everyday, as opposed to the group that I was sure I would have to become one of, the group that tears each other down at every turn, menacingly using each other for their own gain, is that really the kind of girl I wanted?  The answer was plain,  if you knew how dark I could be, hell yes.

“Hi guys,”  I said wondering and marvelling at where the thought came from, I knew I hadn’t thought the answer to my mentally rhetorical question, but who did?

“Hey Felix, whatcha been up to?”  Lily asked.

“Oh not much, how have you been,”  I said back kindly and whirling around the group that seemed to be flowing like an river, ebbing and carrying me to whoever I didn’t want to talk to,  Laurens unnapproving face,  Mark whom I would have trusted with anything a week ago, glaring at me every time I spoke to Lily, Jo-Jo’s curious questions,  The other minor friends that now didn’t mean much to me looking on inquisitively.  After about three minutes of being pushed around, my head switched to assassin mode,  looking for a way to get out of this hurricane.  I saw an opening and left quietly sneaking off to a bench to kill the remaining time I had outside. 

Apperantly Sarah saw me, because she joined me without her friends, which I was grateful for. 

“Hey there, have you got an answer for me?”  She asked as if it were a game. 

My head screamed no, no, no, no, no but my mouth just opened and said, “of course.”

“And what would that answer be?”  She was ensnaring me, grinning seductively, forcing every fiber of me to give in to the temptation, plus if I said no, the whole thing with her dad would be harder. 

Once again my lighter side screamed negative, but I gave into the newfound darker side and let the words flow freely from my mouth and said, “Yes, Sarah Calloway, I would love to be you boyfriend.”




Hey completely off topic here, but if you are in for the contest, don’t forget to keep writing!!!  I Can’t wait to see what you think about this chapter.  I would love for you guys to support me by marking me as something you like on stumbleupon, or blogging/posting on myspace about me.  Friends from kongregate, keep spreading the shout, it has gotten me the most readers so far!


  1. Is Facebook enough publicity? My blogging is less about my actual life and more of my thoughts, so this doesn’t really fit so much. I’ll patch you over to my hundred friends on Facebook, see if I can get you some fresh meat.
    A few mild typos, keep working on it! Grammar has indeed improved. Uh…. crap, what was I going to say. Drat. I had something in there. Oh well!

    • yeah facebook is good enough, any publicity at all is good enough, if you are on any forums you could put it in you signatures, my sig for most is: “The assassins are everywhere, you never know where they could be…

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