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So now what apparently she wants an answer well no one heard me think no, so here we go.

“Umm…  Sure?”  Darn was I asking her permission or saying yes?!

“hehe,” her face paled, “yea, like do you need like time to think about it?”  Wonderfully smart girl why don’t you just give me time to think about saying no.

“No I am saying yes, but uhh…,” The bell caught me mid-sentence.

“Talk to me at the trip tomorrow, aren’t we on the same bus?” yes perfect no friends around to goof it up.  I had decided not to ride with my friends to the trip on the account that we would be spending a 2 hour drive with Rae and I had to put up with her during the 3 hours we would be there.  I had been lucky enough to be put on the bus with all of Sarah’s friends so She was sure to be there. 

“Yea definitely, were on the same bus.”  I wasn’t sure if i was drooling, taking in some sort of ecstacy from her sent, or just completely awestruck at the event but in the case that it was the first i quickly left for next class.

The rest The rest of the day basically followed the same routine.  Go to class listen for five minutes, daydream of Sarah, repeat until bell rings and go to next class, then start all over.  I got fussed at a little but not enough to worry about it.  Heck, who cares if I got in too much trouble, I felt like I was floating about 2 or 3 feet of the ground.  I got home and I think my parents were a little worried about me.  They seemed to watch me like a hawk, I think they thought I was doing drugs, I probably even looked like it, so I didn’t pay them any mind.

No sooner than I got in my room did cellphone rang, of course it does that everyday so nothing new, and guess who it was… the never failing Lauren.  

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I jumped as I heard the voices of Lauren, Lily and Abigail. Why the hell did i get four way?

“Yes omg, lol, whatever it is you girls say, just lay it on me, I will probably be with Sarah on the field trip, now is there anything you need or are you just going to annoy me with mindless chatter?”  I asked obviously taunting them.

“More than likely the annoying mindless chatter.  Now, what did she say, what did you say, was it like bug-eyed puppy love looking or, more like sweet, but still serious look? Did you try to look all cool, or were you being the kinder Felix, Were you showing here the loner side, or the happier sociable Felix Silvestri?” questions in three different voices ran through the phone line, mostly uninterpretable.

“Listen guys she just asked me out there was no conversation just a ‘will you go out with me now?’  No happy girl laughter, no looking big and tall in front of her on my part, I was just as surprised as you were.  Now can I please get back to deciding what i need to get back to? I just walked in the room.”  I cut them off at the knees.  I felt like a jerk for the first time all day.  Yay.

“Fine but you have tell us all about it or we will find a way to get transfered over to that bus,  we all know you signed up for it to get a little time to away from us, and we are sorry we make you think you need it,”  It was just Lily’s voice that time, she always was the one that could make me do anything anytime.

“Allright I will, I promise,”  I knew i was defeated in my jerkiness, oh well, fun while it lasted. Suddenly my phone beeped and I had another call.

“Guys i have to go, there is another caller.”

“Can’t you just patch them in Abby is gone.”

“Not someone you can talk to.”

“But jus-” And I hung up on her and Lil.

“Yes is something up Mr. the President?” I crooned in the sweetest most overdone I-don’t-want-to-be-talking-to-you-know voice. Of course he didn’t care that i was sarcastic at him, that was one of my favorite traits to him, apperantly he said so the one time i talked to him, and all the people that knew him told me so.

“No games right now, Felix, I need you cover another teams tracks they were tailing a target and he caught on. They had to back off and now he is in your territory.” He talked as if he was dissapointed but I wouldn’t know if thats normal, I mean come on I have only talked to him once.

“So we gotta catch some guy some other guys were stupid enough to let go?”

“pretty much his name Frederick Calloway there will be a copter waiting for you  it will take you to a warehouse where we will direct him to. Your’e teammates will already be there.  Read the e-mail i sent you then get out to the clearing, you know the one.”  He was telling me to hurry.  It took several minutes for the name to register. 

“Calloway!!!” I whispered to myself as the computer opened my mailbox.  Just a coincidence i told my self, no more.  Then the horrible truth came in the mail it was a straight up dossier of the guy, and under the family section I saw it sure and clear.

Immediate Family: Wife, Laura Calloway;  Daughter,  Sarah Calloway.

Not sure but i think my heart stopped for about 3 seconds.  I caught my breath then ran outside to the chopper, I had a job to do…

It was almost a half hour later when we dropped onto the roof of the target building.  We were loaded out for a confrontational mission which meant there was a chance this guy was armed.  Great not only did i have to kill my girlfriends dad but I had to fight him to do it. This was going to take some time to get over.

We dropped down into the warehouse at three different spots then began to surround the target.  Which worked perfectly, which is actually uncommon.

“You know, Mr. Calloway, we have been having a hard time tailing you.” He dropped the scared act and got a smirk next thing I knew he had two guns out and trained on two of us, looking dead at Matt, who he apperantly thought was the leader.  And that made us all mad I think.

Suddenly we all shot out a round of the pistols we were loaded with then he squeezed of two, I think then spun fast then humanly possible and said…

“So your’e the leader sorry to make that mistake,” he said darkly.  At his feet were three shells and two at each of ours.  I realized what had happened he had shot the bullets out of the air.  Ok don’t wanna piss of the daughter.  Suddenly two small spheres dropped two the ground and I was blinded by a flash and my ears started ringing.  I felt myself lift off the ground. 

As my hearing and vision came back he stopped and lifted me down.  He looked me in the eye and said,

“Son, the President is not who you think he is.  He is not your friend, he isn’t good; the people he has you kill are not evil. They are innocents who try to take him out.  Call me,”  He handed me a card with a number.

Suddenly I involuntarily said, “I am your daughters boyfriend.”

He looked me up and down and said, “she knows how to pick them well, good luck!”  He said it sincerely and shook my hand and ran out through the door

“Can’t wait to officially meet you as her boyfriend, and as a coworker!”  He called back.  I had no intention of going to help him take down the President.  But I may have to; geez this was not going to make life any easier.


  1. Ah, joyous, a twist… again, I won’t bother reiterating everything about grammar and blah blah blah blah.
    I’ve noticed time is an issue (no pun intended, though you may have no idea what I’m talking about). I think making time, setting, locations, and distances seem more logical, for instance, did the chopper take off from his roof, or was that a motorcycle chopper?
    Work on what I’ve mentioned, and remember, keep focused, keep working, don’t give up, blah blah blah

  2. *Leah talking…lindsey is logged in and I don’t wanna log her out*
    Still doing great. I’m sure you’ll fix the grammar and everything like you always do.
    Have a great summer!

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