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I once again felt the twang of regret as the lifeless body fell to the ground.  It seemed to be recurring a lot lately, more than it needed to.  I mean, it was what we do we, kill one save a hundred.  It was a genius idea, really, They use kids that are less likely to be expected and put them together with each other far enough apart to seem unconnected.  The “President”,  that was all they let us call him, was the one who thought all up and set up the teams.  See “genius” right. 

So yea I’m a sick twisted 14 yr. old with a killing obsession.  Anyway as i got to the body Matt, Sledge, and some dude they called in a favor for to drive them there, brought a bait car.  We put the body in the drivers seat, smashed up the front and the windshield till the body looked like a pincushion, and made fake burnout lines for effect.

“Dude, it’s a little to much fun fabricating evidence with you guys,”  Matt said jokingly.  He had a thing about this it was more of a game than a job for him.

“Don’t sit there and enjoy yourself to much this is a risky job,”  I scoffed pretending to care.  Matt and Sledge were my two teammates they were my best friends the only two I could talk to about this thing.  Anyway back to the job.  We were headed for the get-away, which was usually Sledge’s specialty.  When we got there we settled in and i could tell Sledge was not ok. 

“Hey you all right.”  I asked.  It sounded like something that came out of a dorky teen chic flic. 
“Yea, I’m fine, that last target didn’t seem right,”  She read my mind like an open book.

“I got that vibe too.  It was almost too easy like we were hunting bait.”

“I know but how often does that happen?  Is it a common thing?  Hmm, I’ll look into it.”  The rest of the ride went pretty silent. 

When we got to the place where we were to split up the driver turned and asked me,  “So what were you guys going for today?”  OK… so this guy knew what we were… was he supposed to? 

” I would tell you but then we would have to kill you,”  Did I come across to hard? Oh well.

” Oh you gonna play like that, huh?”  he was pulling out a gun.

“Matt now!”  It was an incomplete thought but he understood the message.  We jumped into action, grabbing his hand I disarmed him while Sledge and Matt were on the car in a moment getting it over the edge of the bridge we stopped at.  We watched in horror as the car just dropped over the edge and splashed into the water below, resurfaced, and sank slowly to the bottom.  We set off to get as far away from there as possible.  We were ready to be home and it wasn’t even four o’clock. 

Getting home to Mom and Dad was not far as comforting as I though it would be.  Mom, the parent that knew what I was, was slightly mad that i did’nt call her when I realized I would be late.  Dad was mad because I should have called about the fake field trip I didn’t tell him about ’till this morning.  I told him that we were going on an extra credit field trip that I needed rather badly.  See, not only am I a twisted killer I have killer excuses.

When I got to the room my cell rang like it knew I was coming.

“Hello?”  I said wondering who could be calling on a day like this.

“Hey, Felix, it’s me,”  I really didn’t want to put up with Lauren today.

“If this is about today I’m sorry, something came up and I couldn’t go but I can’t really talk right now,”  see?  I really didn’t want to deal with her today.

“B-”  That was all I heard before hanging up and putting my phone up.  She probably was just tired and not wanting to look bored to her parents or brother.  We had a history we dated until my “job” brought problems for us.  After that I broke up with her hoping she wouldn’t feel bad.  I was wrong.  She quickly turned into a witch, and we fought forever.  Eventually we both pulled our heads out of our butts.  We were now halfway good friends. 

So basically thats me, You’ve seen the drama the action and the darker side of Felix Silvestri.  If you dare hear my story keep reading, if not stop here.  Can you keep up with the pace of a killer, or are you more suited to knowing nothing more than my drama filled teenage life?


  1. This is pretty much just an introduction to a few characters. I know it is short and it gets to be longer and more detailed but the main characters (mostly the killers) were all I was trying to introduce. If you enjoy this part, I’ll have the next piece of it up by next Saturday.

  2. Omg…Jordan I love it but I thought I was in it… I guess you took me out but it is really good…well I want to hear more ok??? ok bye

  3. You’re there look for you in next weeks page.

  4. Wow~ This story is really good so far 🙂 It seems highly professional but there are a few mistakes here and there. Other than that keep up the good work.

    • Leah (Lindsey's sis)
    • Posted April 25, 2009 at 10:23 pm
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    I really like this. You write very well. Your diction was fantastic. Keep up the good work and write me some more!!!! 😀


  5. Hey Jordan
    Ok I will look next week…but I thought I was in the first chapter…

  6. hey Jordan I like it lots! And we all know who Lauren is!!LOL

  7. hey jordandelion can you like link my page to yours too?

  8. well jor, I must admit, it seems like an interesting story, of course, I must be the critical english nazi that I am and insult you. You require a bit of work on your sentence structures. Description, description, description. I wouldn’t go into the same amount of detail as Steinbeck, but you surely could use much more detail. Character development could be nice too, first and last names, family and parent names, etc etc. I’m sure as the book continues, you will explain how this organization got founded, if not, consider a prologue mentioning this group who took justice (or not justice) into their own hands, overall nice work, congratulations on the initiative! (I began a story once… *sigh* nobody read it)

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