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The Sunday that followed my long day was much like the afternoon after I got home.  I didn’t do much and pretty much just sorta lazed around.  I did a little homework, talked to my, friends but other than that I just kinda stayed bored.  By the time It was dark outside I was ready for the day to be over so I went to bed early.  Little did I know I would need the extra sleep tomorrow.

When I woke up the next morning, I got ready for school and ate.  My dad was taking me to school early, again.  This was one of his infamous claims to fame.  I usually got there and there was only one other guy there.  I didn’t know him that well so we didn’t talk much, so I was free to ignore him and think about the feeling I had after the job yesterday. 

As soon as I started to form ideas as to who that man was the first person I knew walked through the door, Jo-Jo.   She was the kind of friend who every body wanted but no one really knew.  She had a way of making people feel better in ways so subtle that no one could tell she did it.  She loves to write poetry and will amaze you with the words shes can make to ryhme with.  Once you know her, you never forget her.

“Hey Jo!”  I said trying my best to put on fake enthusiasm convincingly.

“Yea?  I’m sorry I’m kinda tired,”  Oh, of course she can be tired, but I have to put on fake enthusiasm. 

“Huh…  Seen Lauren lately?  Was she mad about Saturday, were you?”  I kinda hoped she was it would help this conversation be over.

“No, I was not mad at all but most of us only went to satisfy Lauren,”  Ahh, finally something out of here mouth I can talk to, Jo is one of my best friends but some times she can have the effect of a dead squirrel, boredom.

“‘Kay, so I’m not worried about missing if anyone asks, except for Lauren, I just didn’t want to go, right?”  Yea, we sorta just hung out with her so some other poor sap didn’t have to.

“Yea something like that.  Just don’t let her find out about it,”  She was laughing her heart out, why could i not be taken seriously when I am tearing someone down?

“I wish she would grow up… Hey!  You got the stuff into the office for that trip on Saturday?”  Ahh, normal kid field trips those are the school days I kill for, literally. 

” Oh yea I turned that in on Friday.  I’m so excited!”  Her laugh made me wonder if she didn’t turn it in or if she wasn’t really looking forward to it.   As I opened my mouth to speak again the bell caught us and we were off to class.  My first period was computer, which is great because between my computer class, Sledge’s Tech Discovery, and Matt’s, okay so with Matt’s grades in the class it probably wasn’t a whole lot of help to us, telecommunications classes, we could effectively and discreetly bug a room.  Yea, we put all kinds of new applications to schoolwork.

So I sat in the lab waiting on the class to start another of my friends, Abigail, appeared, as usual, close to last.  She is a commonly entertaining member of the circle I hang with.  She is the one everybody has to talk to figure out what is on her mind.  Sitting there was kind of boring but soon Ab was finished and we were talking. 

“Hey, Ab what you up to this weekend?” I asked rather half-heartedly.  Hmm, I seen to be having bad luck sounding convincing lately. 

“Nothing much you excited about Thursday?”  Everyones excited about Thursday,  but no one else here is as relieved about it but me.  Then again I AM the only killer here.

“Yea I am very excited that we get to leave school to go to a school function.  So exciting; but at least we don’t have to do any work,”  This conversation was turning boring very quickly. 

“Class sit and stop talking,”  I had never been more excited to hear Mrs. Williams talking.  We were to work on a project with Internet learning how to look people up in the yellow pages.  So hard to do when the fields are labelled right?  So I know it does not sound glamorous so I will spare you the details.”

After class I had to walk down the hall to science and i passed the loving and caring Lily Sicilian.  She had been my friend for longer than anybody else at this school and always new how to make me calm down when I get upset.

“What’s up, Felix?”  Yay first person to use my name today. 

“Hey Lil,  not much what you doing?”  I asked, for the first time today, sincerely.

“I have to go to class; don’t you?”  Oh well it was going ok for a little while though.

“Yea see you later,”  and I was off.  So I had to be in class again and was on my way to see the wonderfully sarcastic science teacher we call Coach Tyler.  He is not my favorite but he is very funny. And today he seemed to be pissed off.

I ignored him at the doorway and went straight to my desk.  As we turned in homework, took notes and watched him talk my phone vibrated, luckily with the slam of the door and I wasn’t caught with it.  After class I would need to see what the message said.  And of course it reminded me I had a job tomorrow so as not to make any plans.  Then Wednesday would be the only thing standing between me and the field trip/day off.  

On my way down the hall to english I came by my best friend and lifelong partner-in-crime,  (no not what you think it is)  Mike Lubart. 

“Hey Mike! what you up to lately?”  we hadn’t seen each other since last Wednesday because he had been missing school.  You never can tell why he misses school he just does. 

“Huh? Oh hey Felix,  watcha doing?” yep, still asleep and it’s almost ten o’clock, thats Mike alright.

“You can’t ask my question back at me, retard,” I mumbled back.

“Yea, whatever.  Hey! come find me at break today I think Lil’s got a thing for me,”  My world tilted about 40 degrees to the left then just spun the other direction around and around at a speed unimaginable by man.  He was like my brother, and she was one of my dearest friends, what the heck is going on in this crazy killer’s world

“What!?”  I asked.  Knowing he was already gone I quickly stalked off to english.

English wasn’t my favorite class in the world but it was boring and easy enough to give time to think about the news I just heard.  Was it his idea of a “thing” or hers.  I hoped desperately it was a rumor that got to him in the wrong way.  I mean Mike and Lil were so non-datey and neither of them seemed into each other until now.  This was so wrong.  I was about to be dragged into something I didn’t want and it made me jealous.  Oddly jealous, not of either of them but the fact that if it was true they had something and I didn’t  have it for myself. My mind flashed to Lauren for a split second.

“NEVER!!!”  I screamed as the thought came to my mind.

“About time you joined us Mr. Silvestri,”  Mrs. Eliza called to me as I realized I had been asleep for almost 30 minutes. 

“Sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to sleep I don’t feel all that great today,”  I said, at least trying to sound innocent.  Not a word.

“Well I would think so; you’ve been hacking your brains out since you feel asleep,”  She said, sounding genuinely worried about me.  Isn’t that sweet? As I listened to her monologue about how when she was in school, they were beat “within an inch of their life” for falling asleep I noticed Lauren’s best friend and my sorta friend, she kinda was kinda wasn’t, Narcia Wilamettia  Wilmari  Wikled  ahh whatever her name is laughing her head off. 

She was a dependable friend but not as caring as some of the others, which didn’t help when I had a guilty conscience over a job.  Whenever you needed her though she was there. However unlike my other friends we were not talking at the first encounter of each other today.  And of course Lauren, the cause of this nightmare, was in front of her laughing along.

“And that, Mr. Silvestri, is why you shouldn’t sleep in class.”  It was all I heard Mrs. Eliza say until the bell rang.  Next I had to leave my stuff in History then go to break where I would see all of the aforemention friends, get ready they are even wilder together.  This was turning into a bang up day and I wasn’t even trying to make anyone miserable yet.


When I got to the break area I saw Mike and Lil holding hands, Mike and I exchanged humurously proud glances and Lil smiled happily at me.  Ab was telling everyone about how she had been bit by a cat while unpacking clothes from under a bed in the attic, and Lauren was making a big deal out Mike and Lil.  Suddenly I saw Sarah Calloway walking toward me.  If I haven’t mentioned her she is a friend from the time of Lauren and I being together.  She had tried to get me to go out with her, making Lauren mad and causing witch mode to go off.  Now she was a little older and less aloof, and I was beginning to ponder asking if she still liked me.

She closed the gap between us in a matter of seconds and was within talking distance of me now.

She smiled happily and said in a cheerful way-to-casual-to-be-true voice, “Hey will you go out with me now?”  My world stopped rocketing to the right and was suddenly on its way left at double the speed.


  1. Note to readers and friends who know there are characters inspired by you

    1) The characters are FICTIONAL they do not directly or exactly portray the way I think of you.

    2) I am working on fixing the grammatical, spelling, typoligical, and name goofups at the moment please give me time. You know I have just as much schoolwork as you do.

    3) Once again do not complain about how I introduced the characters it is fictional just inspired on memories and friends.

  2. when is chapter 3 gonna be up?

    • as soon as i type it up but I am exhausted today so It will get underway tomorrow

  3. You’re doing a great job, Jordan…don’t stress it!

  4. again, congratulations on the initiative, critical as ever on grammar and spelling…
    The classes seem disjointed, it doesn’t appear to fit and flow as smoothly as the last one (flow is crucial to a story). Use more transitions, try to add a bit more description (as I mentioned).
    Overall, keep trying, maintain an optimistic look, don’t see this as a chore, but as a fun entertaining experience. K~

  5. Kiki, everyone meet kiki, she is an online friend, The classes are supposed to seem disjointed the whole perspective is supposed to seem disjointed the main character is literally insane. It is part of the story, it gives him a weakness. Obviously.

  6. well, that certainly explains the disjointed-ness of the story… I can see the type of thing you are going for, I might suggest you make his insanity a bit more prominent in the upcoming chapters 😉

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