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Monthly Archives: July 2009

For Jonathan, and his parents,  I don’t usually write poetry but this is necessary and from the heart:

We just got back from school when dad comes in,
He’s not alone, but he’s brought a friend.
Not just one its two,
A boy and a girl too.

As the day goes by I realize she is energetic
and he is sympathetic.
We spend the day talking before they leave.

It’s been five months now and it’s Christmas.
The girl has moved away;
But the guy is here to stay.

He gets kinder all the time,
and brings books and things sublime.
and I wonder why he buys them.

Now it’s July and we are ripe with glee.
My sisters haven’t seen fireworks before and he comes with a spree.
The only problem this time is that he brought his friend.

We sit outside and wait for dark.
And I realize this friend is nothing like the other,
He soon has me wishing he was home with his mother.

I go back inside and grab some food.
When I get back I don’t know why but anger consumes me,
And out come the words “He hates me.”

I don’t know why, he never did anything to me,
but bring that other who seemed to enrage me.

I feel like a bully, to push you away;
I am trying to say sorry and I hope for you to say,
“Its, okay.”

I mean it.  I’m sorry.



For everybody else:

Don’t think I am taking a break just need some time to think the next part will be out this week I hope.